Frequently Asked Questions

  • What security measures are in place for apartment management?
    The entire ApartCheck team will sign confidentiality agreements and contracts before working with a client and entering the apartment. We store your keys in our company’s safe, and only employees of ApartCheck will have access to this safe. Each key is numbered to preserve confidentiality of the client.

  • Who will be checking my apartment and greeting my guests?
    We have a trustworthy and reliable team of checkers & greeters who have been vetted and trained.

  • What happens when you discover a problem in my property?
    If the problem is urgent, we will contact you immediately via phone or email. For other non-urgent issues we will notify you of these via the reports, or via email after a greeting or a check out.

    We are here to resolve any apartment related issue whether it’s urgent or not, and we can do so at our standard hourly rate. We are partnered with some of the best and most efficient locksmiths, plumbers, contractors, electricians, and handy-men, and can call on them at any time when necessary.

  • How many keys do you need to manage rentals and/or perform regular apartment checks?
    We would need 2 copies of your house key and fob (if applicable).

  • Do you offer mail checking services?
    Yes we do. If you would like us to empty your mail box each time we go then we can leave the mail inside your apartment. Any mail that we open and requires additional work on our behalf, we will charge at our standard hourly rate.

  • Why choose ApartCheck?
    We have been in the concierge and apartment management industry for the past 6 years, providing personalised services for our clients at competitive prices. We’ve come across all kinds of obstacles along the way and have refined our ability to manage any situation that arises. We have also carefully selected partnered services whom we trust, and can assure our clients that they provide excellent work which is both efficient and of high quality.

  • How do you charge for your services?
    We charge according to the service you require. Regular apartment checks are charged by a monthly rate, depending on how many checks per month you require. All other services are charged at an hourly rate. For more information on exact costs please contact us at