Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the service work?
    We will perform apartment checks on a regular basis depending on what plan you signed up for. We offer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly apartment checks on a yearly basis with PDF reports. We also offer a key holding yearly plan. This plan allows us to be on call for an emergency 24/7 and have access to your apartment throughout the year should we need it.

  • What security measures are in place?
    As former owners of a concierge service, we've been doing this for years and handle security with the utmost attention. The entire ApartCheck team will sign confidentiality agreements and contracts before working with a client and entering the apartment. Only employees of ApartCheck will have access to the safe with the keys to your apartment. Once the apartment has been visited, they key will be returned to the safe immediately. If you have an alarm, only the checker assigned to your apartment will have this information.

  • Who will be checking my apartment?
    We have a trustworthy and reliable team of checkers who have been vetted, trained, and have full background checks. You will be assigned 2 checkers (one main checker and one back up) for your apartment visits.

  • Will the apartment check fall on the same day?
    Yes, all checks will be performed on the same day of the week. The schedule will be pre-planned by our team and stuck to throughout the course of the year. Rescheduling a check will incur a fee.

  • What happens if a problem is discovered during the check?
    We will inform you about the problem immediately. If you would like us to handle the issue we can do so for the following rates :

    • €72/ hour if the checker is already on site

    • €102/ hour if the checker is not on site

    • €180/ hour if emergency occurs between 10pm and 6am

  • Where will my keys be stored?
    All keys will be stored in the company's safe, which sits behind multiple layers of keyed access and video surveillance. Each key is numbered, with no identification of the client or the address.

  • How does it work if I don't need your services for the whole year?
    We charge you for the year in full and then reimburse you the second year (depending on how many apartment checks were not necessary since you were in residence). Reimbursements are only given for those residing in their apartment for A MINIMUM OF one month.

  • How do you manage confidentiality of my property?
    All ApartCheck team members operate under strict confidentiality agreements, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

  • How many keys do you need?
    We would need 2 copies of your house key and fob (if applicable).

  • Do you offer mail checking services?
    Yes we do. We can pick up the mail and forward it to your primary home address for an additional yearly fee (Please see below). We do not open or handle any mail. ApartCheck covers the cost of postage.

    • €240 for once per month checks

    • €300 for bi-monthly checks

    • €600 for weekly checks

  • What happens when you discover a problem in the apartment?
    We will inform you of any issues that we discover during the apartment checks. If the situation is urgent, we will contact you immediately via phone or email. Otherwise, all issues will be noted in your electronic report. ApartCheck are available to resolve any apartment related issue whether it’s urgent or not, and we can do so for an hourly rate. Please see the fees below :

    • €72/hour if checker is on site and can stay on to resolve issue.

    • €102/hour if checker is not on site and we need to organise to send someone over to resolve the issue.

    • €180/hour for out of office emergency calls between 10pm and 6am.

  • Are the reports only sent by email?
    Depending on your preference of how you wish to receive the reports of the apartment checks, we can do any of the the following :

    • Email reports directly to you after each check

    • Only send reports if a problem is discovered

    • Keep reports for you on file and only send them if you ask