Welcome to ApartCheck, Your eyes on the ground

Our professional and trustworthy international team will keep an eye on your pied-à-terre and diligently follow a customized checklist pre-determined between you and us, making sure that everything runs smoothly in your apartment. We provide continuity of care and maintenance in your absence so you can be assured that your home is safe, secure, and ready for your return.

Whether the checks are monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, ApartCheck is here to adhere to your house rules and conduct thorough checks on your behalf in a discrete manner. You will receive immediate electronic reports after each visit which include a completed checklist and a timestamp for you to easily follow the reports. For those who wish to have regular photo updates, we can attach photographs of your home to the report.

With our regular checks we will be the first to catch any unexpected leaks, appliance issues or broken WiFi, and will ensure that any problems are dealt with and rectified with immediate action. You can rest easy knowing that ApartCheck will act 100% in your best interests while you’re away.

Benefits of ApartCheck

  • Regular apartment checks.

  • Discover potential issues / damage quickly so that the necessary repairs can be done in a timely manner.

  • Keep intruders away so house feels “lived in” and secure.

  • You will receive a full electronic report with a check list, time stamp, and photographs (optional).

  • We will act 100% in your best interests while you're away.

  • Maintain property exactly as you like it to be.

  • Fully trained apartment checking staff.

  • No need to rely on neighbours or inform anyone that you’re going away.